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This is how we originally collected our feedback, at the event itself using post it notes where attendees can leave messages anonymously. This picture is from 2017’s feedback board. All the quotes are from the post it notes we’ve accumulated. See below the picture for feedback and testimonials. Nowadays we collect feedback from a form emailed to attendees after the event.


(see links page for presenters contact information)

Feedback from Oak Spirit Gathering June 2019

The final question on the feedback form this year was ‘how would you describe Oak Spirit Gatherings?’ Below are all of the comments received!

• Brilliant 🙂
• Exciting, inspiring and fun!
• A fabulous opportunity for nature and community focused spirituality
• Great community. Interesting & Useful Workshops. Worth attending
• a lovely community spiritual gathering full of love
• Friendly supportive Gathering with high quality workshops.
• Fab worth every penny you learn and grow make some lovely friends exceptional
• If you only do one weekend thing this year, do this. It is a full investment in yourself by means of transformation, connections, and the continuation of your spiritual path. It is no longer a question of whether I will attend Oak Spirit. I have to be there. This is becoming a beautiful experience of family and thank you so much for creating it ❤
• A transformative experience held in a beautiful environment within a supportive and caring community.
• A community based event with Shamanic workshops
• Beautiful Shamanic retreat.
• The best thing since sliced bread, or even just the most amazing spiritual and community event that cannot be beaten.
• A lovely mix of honest, humble and down to earth people who make the magic happen every time.
• Awesome, great community atmosphere, friendly, supportive and inspiring

Feedback from Oak Spirit Gathering June 2018

  • Excellent yoga what a way to start the day (re Deva Raj)
  • Eco-Shamanism, really interesting and thought provoking, thank you (re Mandy Pullen)
  • Gratitude x 
  • Bee’s session, lovely voice, easy manner, amazing chance, thank you (re Bee Amber Firechild)
  • DK‘s breath work and magic really exceptional and thank you for the name Boot Camp (re DK Green)
  • The venue is beautiful, the grounds magical
  • The whole team are incredible so welcoming helpful thank you 
  • Loved the Raven workshop (re Jonathan Weekes)
  • Trance dance Central, keep drumming guys! (re Jean Douglas and Caroline Carey)
  • Thank you for the trance dance it was truly was accessible to all, super (as previous)
  • Love the continuous fire, opening ceremony was incredible, very powerful, loved it 
  • How come I’ve not seen this event before, really enjoyed it and look forward to seeing you next year 
  • DK I love you H x 
  • Caroline Carey was amazing, most powerful workshop, thank you 
  • Just like this, you all rock!
  • I loved Jan Muse’s workshop and making something magical to take home 
  • I loved the dancing what a great experience, the blindfold trans-dance and Caroline Carey’s workshop have really given me a lot. I really hope that there will be dancing and movement workshops again next year 
  • Shower stools in the shower, just amazing. I had resigned myself to sink bath for the weekend so was really pleased to find stalls in the shower
  • Angels they offered me protection a lot of love and affection that’s you guys a big thank you x 
  • Yoga is fantastic thank you Deva Raj
  • Venue perfect love the overgrown gardens thanks 
  • Relaxed and freedom to explore thank you
  • Richard‘s Apple pie was superb (re our chef!)
  • Food just great thank you 
  • Really found staff friendly, helpful, great atmosphere 
  • Group workshop very good but very intense in the beginning
  • Thank you for the vegan food and being so adaptable it felt very special 
  • Loved the mother earth journey workshop an excellent way to start the day thank you (re Del Woods and Ian Shaw)
  • DK’s pipe ceremony was excellent (re DK Green)
  • I loved the chanting with Bee, it was fab (re Bee Amber Firechild)
  • Mandy’s workshop was out of this world loved it (re Mandy Pullen)
  • Such warm caring hospitality thank you 
  • Del and Ian are amazing, their humour openness and support, love their workshop and the whole space (re Del Woods and Ian Shaw)
  • I really enjoyed the yoga session so well structured and well held I felt taken on a wonderful journey (re Deva Raj)
  • Mandy’s workshop really extending and interesting thanks much (re Mandy Pullen)
  • It was so nice to sing again and connect with my soul and others around me (re Bee Amber Firechild)
  • What an awesome trans-dance thanks Jean (re Jean Douglas)
  • Well organised and professional, can’t believe it’s only the second year this event has run, the organisers were friendly and very welcoming. They had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to ensure the workshops and ceremonies were accessible and inclusive for all participants. Rooms basic but clean and comfortable.
  • Workshops the presenters are on top-notch and after-care and support available five stars 
  • Raven workshop was very interesting intense and out of this world (re Jonathan Weekes)
  • Caroline Carey’s workshop was absolutely phenomenal I’d have loved a whole day of it
  • Medicine wheel and NLP sums in usual wonderful teaching style with great results (re Sam Salt)

Feedback we’re acting upon for 2019!

  • handouts and more interaction journeying in the first hour would have helped 
  • a few attendees requested more fruit and vegetables, more greens and salads; chef has promised them!

Feedback from Oak Spirit Gathering 2017

  • Pat and Del, banging drumming circle! Yay! (re Pat Dunnicliffe and Del Woods)
  • Surroundings are blissful, perfect for peace, tranquillity and reflection
  • Powerful and moving opening ritual, thank you
  • Pipe Ceremony was very moving (re Rafe Nauen)
  • The no sell, no pressure, worked!
  • Thank you for this weekend, love and light
  • Food amazing
  • Magnificent grub!
  • Great workshop Sam, more please (re Sam Salt)
  • Gorgeous food and puddings
  • More detail if workshops are interactive or talks please
  • Very lovely, warm welcome by Del, thank you (re Del Woods)
  • Lovely location, very peaceful
  • Lots of interesting chats between workshops
  • DK’s balance workshop amazing, just the ticket, more please! (re DK Green)
  • Food is delicious (dining room a little snug!)
  • Lovely food, well seasoned, tasty!
  • Thank you for all your hard work organising it
  • Amazing opening ritual and fire ceremony
  • Safe, gentle but powerful balance workshop with DK (re DK Green)
  • Next year a tree workshop would be interesting! (NB: there was one, but the attendee was at the alternate workshop!)
  • Steve’s workshop, so wonderfully peaceful (re Steve Niner)
  • Sam’s Medicine Wheel and NLP workshop, very informative and interesting (re Sam Salt)
  • Preparation work by Del and the Team are amazing, the outside and inside altars are created beautifully
  • DK’s Balance workshop, very powerful, skillful journey drumming, safe space, very insightful. Intuitive feedback from DK. Highly recommend DK’s workshops (re DK Green)
  • Sound bath was amazing! (re Theresa Scarlett)
  • Jean, ancestry, such an interesting workshop (re Jean Douglas)
  • Think you lot have really done an awesome job. Relaxed, no pressure. Really liked the fact that people were not selling stuff!
  • Thank you to DK, Jean, Annie, Glennie and Sam, amazing, insightful, life changing workshops
  • Oak Spirit is unity, peaceful and inspiring
  • I’m grateful for all the wonderful workshops on offer and also the space to relax and reflect in between
  • Beautiful event, calm, inspiring and fun. Lovely balance of workshops, thank you
  • Jean’s workshop was fab! (re Jean Douglas)
  • DK for PM!
  • Beautiful energy full of love

Feedback we acted upon for 2018

  • a few attendees found the food a little too spicy, chef was informed!
  • a couple of feedback comments wanted more interaction in workshops and less just talks, particularly in the afternoon


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