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Much missed and beloved previous members; Annie Keeling, Stuart & Taryn Shrigley-Wightman, Mo Elliot, Fiona Blackwell, Ian and Sarah Shaw, Pat Dunnicliffe and of course Del Woods.

Del was the originator of this beautiful dream ‘Oak Spirit’. We will be eternally grateful for his inspiration and for his enormous part in the development of this community.


Jean Douglas

Jean Douglas has been following a shamanic path for the last 25 years. Although she has trained with teachers in other parts of this country as well as New Zealand, Australia and Canada, her practice is rooted in the land of her ancestors in the Derbyshire Dales. With her partner, Sam, she has hosted a monthly group for the last 20 years which is based on the surroundings of their home and almost always includes journeying. Additionally, Jean offers shamanic healing and currently courses on healing, death and dying and an introduction to shamanism and the shamanic journey.

DK Green

DK has lived in Derbyshire for many years and loves working with the land in this pretty, green, hilly bit of middle England. A busy Shamanic psychotherapist with a foot firmly in both worlds, he specialises in diversity and personal growth. He facilitates and teaches widely in shamanism, sexuality, gender, and relationships (including for the NHS and at several UK Universities). His spiritual journey has been long and eclectic; earth based pagan and HP of a circle for several years, professional Tarot reader 20yrs, Buddhist meditation retreats, and for over a decade now core Shamanic practitioner. Currently running workshops including an annual Circle as Elemental Shamanism, wherein attendees learn to incorporate the elements into their daily lives to achieve greater balance. Parent, grandparent, horse and motorbike rider. As a queer, polyamorous, transman, he’s the original diversity in the group!

Liz Anderson

Hi everyone my names Liz, I am part of the Anglesey druid order as well as a priestess of Freya. I have been strongly guided by spirit throughout my life. I have studied and use various healing processes in my work shamanic, reiki and herbs both medicinal and magical. I also work in social care as an occupational therapist.
Recently I returned to a love of my working with horses (just love the smell and their soft noses) doing ground work and riding. I have spent time learning how to use horses in equine therapy for myself and others. I also love gardening growing my own fruit and veg as well as just being out in nature. I have a dog, cat and red fire bellied newts. I also love to try new things and embrace life as much as possible you never know what adventure lies around the next corner. My purpose is to help and be happy, hope you are fulfilling yours too.

Karl Stirland

I have been following a pagan / shamanic path for the last 23 years and have trained with a variety of teachers. I feel a deep connection with nature and spend a lot of time out walking in the peak district. 

I am involved in community gardens and conservation and am a gardener part time. I have also trained in Reiki to master level and as a heart meditation facilitator. I love djembi drumming and ran a group for several years.

Jan Muse

Hi, I’m Jan Muse. I always had an interest in living life in a Shamanic way. Working with Nature’s Magic for self growth and empowerment for myself and others. I am based in the Beautiful Peak District, where I live with my family, cats and chickens. I host Natural Magic Workshops, Reiki Training, Cacao Ceremony’s and Healing circles. Anything that help us find the simplest and most perfect way to build a connection with Mamma Nature and all that is. I am an Awenydd of the Anglesey Druid order, a Hedgewitch, Master Herbalist. As well a a Holy Fire ®️ Reiki Master and Flower Essence Practitioner. Looking forward to meeting old and new friends at this amazing event.

Mirelle Martin

I am a registered nurse and midwife and trained many moons ago. I also trained as an addiction specialist and counsellor and spent the last 20 years of my career working with vulnerable families. I supported women in turning their lives around for their own benefit, their babies and families. The issues they often faced were, criminality, homelessness, mental health, stigma, childhood trauma, exclusion and low self esteem; a legacy they did not want to pass on to their new generation. I followed this traditional route, climbing the ladder, working as a manager, getting more and more qualifications and burned myself out! Then lightning struck 5 years ago! This was preceded by a number of significant personal life changing events. I found an incredible energy healer and an amazing shaman who helped me piece myself back together. I took early retirement and my life took a different turn. I retrained as a nutritional therapist, became a Reiki Master (HFIII) with Jan Muse and qualified as a shamanic practitioner with Nicky Mott – EveryDay Shaman. I now host healing circles, cacao ceremonies and offer 1:1 shamanic and reiki healing. I am also a proud foster carer for homeless and abandoned dogs.

Robin Jakumeit

Robin (pronouns; they/them) is German by birth and grew up in pagan communities. Their spirituality is grounded in nature and the land we live on. They draw on crafts and virtual community to mark the Celtic festivals as we go around the wheel. As a queer, trans, non-binary, polyam, disabled, neurodivergent activist academic, Robin is passionate about disentangling cultural appropriation from the spiritual practices they grew up with and is committed to being anti-racist in their work. They are a PhD candidate at The University of Winchester researching BDSM, kink and Leather and a director at The Queer Box, where they run workshops and trainings on equality gender, sexuality, and relationship diversity for business, the NHS, the Hollyoaks crew and many more. After facilitating workshops with Amanda Gaylove for Queerhearted and co-organising the sacred sexuality temple at Queer Spirit Festival, they’ve joined the Oak Spirit team to help get the sacred waters flowing to carry us out of the pandemic.

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