Much missed previous members; Annie Keeling, Stuart & Taryn Shrigley-Wightman, Mo Elliot, Fiona Blackwell, Pat Dunnicliffe and of course Del Woods.

Del was the originator of this beautiful dream ‘Oak Spirit’. We will be eternally grateful for his inspiration and for his enormous part in the development of this community.


Ian Shaw


Originally trained in Druidry, Ian has been running Mother Earth Journeys in partnership with Del Woods for eight years. His main inspirations come though Buddhism and Indian culture, photography and ‘good-natured people and nature itself’. Ian works with the wisdom of the natural world, helping people empower themselves, express their unique creative voice and build a sustainable role in community. He passionately believes that by slowing down to the pace of Nature we notice the abundant healing and life lessons that are all around us.

Sarah Shaw


Sarah (nee Harris) has followed a Goddess path for many years and is a Priestess of Avalon in Glastonbury. She is inspired by the magic to be found in personal growth and transformation. Sarah has also trained as a Moon Mother with Miranda Gray and is passionate about women’s groups, celebrating rites of passage, Red Tents and sacred ceremony. With a professional background in Holistic Therapy, community and social care, Sarah is also one of the organisers of Oak Spirit Gatherings.

DK Green


DK has lived in Derbyshire for many years and loves working with the land in this pretty, green, hilly bit of middle England. A busy Shamanic psychotherapist with a foot firmly in both worlds, he specialises in diversity and personal growth. He facilitates and teaches widely in shamanism, sexuality, gender, and relationships (including at five UK Universities). His spiritual journey has been long and eclectic; earth based pagan and HP of a circle for several years, professional Tarot reader 20yrs, Buddhist meditation retreats, and for over a decade now core Shamanic practitioner. Currently running workshops as Elemental Shamanism, wherein attendees learn to incorporate the elements into their daily lives to achieve greater balance. Parent, grandparent, horse and motorbike rider. As a queer, polyamorous, transman, he’s the diversity in the group!



Jean Douglas


Jean Douglas has been following a shamanic path for the last 25 years. Although she has trained with teachers in other parts of this country as well as New Zealand, Australia and Canada, her practice is rooted in the land of her ancestors in the Derbyshire Dales. With her partner, Sam, she has hosted a monthly group for the last 20 years which is based on the surroundings of their home and almost always includes journeying. Additionally, Jean offers shamanic healing and currently courses on healing, death and dying and an introduction to shamanism and the shamanic journey.

Liz Anderson


Hi my name is Liz I am an occupational therapist and a Reiki master. Here to help you to move your life in the direction that gives you your bliss. I have been working as a healer and carer all my life. I have experience in life coaching as well as using the occupational therapy, Reiki and shamanic tool kit to enable people to heal and change their lives. I have been privileged to do Reiki with animals. I have a interest in herbs and plant medicine, mother nature has way of ensuring all we need is presented to us in plenty of time. So what can I do for you? Well through using the tools I have acquired over the years I would like to help you to address the difficulties that you have in your life. This could be through using my occupational therapy skills and or the healing tools that I have been awakened to. Bit about me: life has provided me with plenty of learning opportunities some more fun than others. I am a mum of two grown up boys and still have furry babies. I love taking photos and crafting things and have a calling that tell me I am here to help in what ever way I can.


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