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Below you will find listings for upcoming workshops and events run by Oak Spirit team members. We hope that you will enjoy attending these events. 

Dear Oak Spirit Gatherings alumni and all those interested in participating with us and this wonderful community! Goodness we have missed you all!

Sacred Waters, our fourth annual residential gathering at Unstone Grange scheduled for June 2020, naturally had to be – like so many other events – postponed due to the ongoing global situation. None of us could have predicted how long this would last, and now as a team we have decided to re-start our beloved Oak Spirit Gatherings THIS year in JUNE 2022.

Last year we recognised that our community like so many others has felt keenly the distance and the time passing. So we had a fabulous online ‘Community Social’ (gentle party/gathering) for when we would have been together (11th June 2021), so we could see each other’s faces and reconnect with one another. It was a lovely event and now, we miss you all again and can’t WAIT to see you all in June 2022!

With love, life and laughter always, especially during these challenging times

The Oak Spirit Team

Jean, DK, Liz, Karl, Robin, Jan, Mirelle

Prices; to be determined/costed asap, for shared dormitory accommodation within the house and alternatively for camping.

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