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Sacred Waters, by Sarah Shaw (click to open)

Sacred Waters


by Sarah Shaw

From the time of our conception we are nurtured by water, swimming in the amniotic fluid of our mothers womb. Throughout our lives we will feel water’s cleansing power, from the out-pouring of our tears to the breathtaking awe of waterfalls, oceans and rivers.

Its life giving softness and its ability to destroy embraces our senses, inviting us to dive deep and explore our own watery depths. Water can heal our spirits and soothe our bodies. It can be a source of beauty and inspiration as well as a source of deep fear and grief.

Water connects us to the ancient powers that existed from the beginning of creation. All peoples and cultures throughout time have revered and protected water and it’s sacred qualities, which still flow through the world today. It will always be a source of life and spiritual wisdom, for us all to experience and forever be grateful for.

Let us merge with the spiritual energies of water through ceremonies, journeying, rituals and sacred crafting.

Join us at Oak Spirit Gatherings as we journey into our watery depths at Sacred Waters Residential Retreat; Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th July 2020. 



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