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Awakening to the Light, by Liz Anderson (click to open)

Awakening to the Light


by Liz Anderson

Some would say that Winter was passing and Spring was well on its way.

Mother nature had other ideas on Sunday, when we opened the curtains there was snow on the ground. I was ready to go back into my cave, but the snow melted quickly and mother nature drew me back out into her colourful world.

The snow drops and daffodils raised their heads as the snow melted. We and the ground begin to awaken. The seeds begin to feel the earth’s warmth and we too think about waking up as we emerge from the winter. We raise our heads, ready to begin putting our plans into those actions that we have thought about over the winter.

Over winter I mulled ideas around thinking of ways to enable my own creativity to be let loose and shared. It turned out that doing something for someone else’s birthday gave me creativity in making the gift of a flower; made from hessian with yellows, reds and oranges, such lovely warm colours. This has renewed my desire to make and share pretty things, inspired by mother nature’s flowers.

There is also the joy of seeing things come back to life in the garden. I planted some willow in Autumn and thought throughout Winter that I had failed to get it to take, but today I saw little bud on some of the twigs. It made me think that sometimes you may plant a seed and leave it thinking nothing happens or changes, but below the surface big changes are taking root and then new life begins.

We can do that just with a smile to a person really.

So as the days begin to get longer and warmer, allow your own seeds to enjoy the light and come to life, and if you’re still in your cave have a think towards what inspires you?

What will awaken your own desire to create?

Much love and Blessing

Liz Anderson xx


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