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Join Oak Spirit at Unstone Grange from the 23rd to 26th June 2022 for the rebirth of 'Sacred Waters'

Four days of ceremony, community, talks and workshops designed to explore the energies and element of water together (see further information below)



Four days of ceremony, talks and workshops all designed to explore the energies of the elements as a group. We create community around the hearth fire and celebrate through journeying, dancing, drumming, sacred ritual and being upon the Earth. You will be guided by experienced local practitioners from in and around Derbyshire along with special guest presenters from all over the UK. with backgrounds in various Earth-based and Shamanic traditions, all set in the heart of Derbyshire. In creating Oak Spirit Gatherings, we aim to continue to nurture community values. An event where you can get involved, share and learn before taking something back to your own communities. This will be a place where you can meet people on a similar path, find inspiration, share your experiences and recharge your batteries.



Unstone Grange – is a centre for personal creative growth, set in 5 acres of grounds and gardens within the heart of Derbyshire. People regularly comment on the stillness and beauty of Unstone and its gardens, imbued over the years with an atmosphere of gentle peace. The grounds and gardens are looked after according to permaculture principles. The aim is to maintain the place so that groups can come and use it and work on the things that are important to them in their lives. The venue has three group rooms including a dining room, a good sized kitchen, 10 bedrooms with up to 36 dormitory-style bed spaces. Outside there is also a large barn, camping field, lawns and gardens.


  • Facebook Event Listing to be found here shortly!
  • Food at the Gatherings is vegetarian or vegan (special dietary requirements by request)
  • Please note that for the safety and enjoyment of all attendees, Oak Spirit Gatherings operate a no drink or drugs policy.
  • The venue is no smoking (including ecigs) but there are areas outdoors where it’s permissible.
  • The event is not for minors or pets.
  • Accessibility access; the bedrooms available are on the first floor and up, there are various door sills to navigate, however we have had two participants with mobility scooters/wheelchairs who have managed (with a walk up stairs to bedrooms). The main field is a short walk up into the grounds and the circle is accessible by foot or scooter/wheelchair. There are also quiet spaces to retreat to if needed.
  • Prices; £380 for residential, £295 for camping.


Oak Spirit weekend Ts&Cs

Oak Spirit one day event Ts&Cs


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